Up next at Homestead University’s Winter 2013 term are talks covering the BASIC information that all gardeners really, really need, so it's called our Basic Gardening weekend.  Click here to see the full calendar, then click on individual workshops to register.

Saturday February 2

Tools of the Trade

Valerie Pawlewicz, certified horticulturist, will tell us how to choose the right tool for each gardening task, a topic that even after 30 years of gardening I find fascinating.  That's because every experienced gardener has their own favorites and I'm eager to hear what they are and WHY.  Plus, new tools are being designed, tested and reviewed all the time, so I'm eager to discover my own next BFF in the tool department (best friend forever).  

The tools in the collage above were my favorites at some point in my gardening, but the mix is totally different now.

Valerie Pawlewicz lives in Annapolis and is a certified horticulturist who has run her own professional personal gardening business since 2005. She loves pretty flowers and sharp secateurs. 

The class is from 1:00 to 2:00 at our Davidsonville store and costs just $5.

Sunday February 3

Beginners Planting Tips

This talk is for people new to gardening,  because it can be so difficult to know where to start.  But Homestead's Education Coordinator, horticulturist Gene Sumi, explains the basic how-to of this SUPER-critical gardening tasks - getting plants in the ground and on their way to a great life in the garden. 

In my 8 years as an in-garden coach for homeowners I've found this to be the topic that newbie gardeners need help with the most.  They need help figuring out what to add to the soil when planting.  Compost?  Leafmold mulch?  Fertilizer or Bio-tone root starter?  And what about how big a hole to dig, and the correct way to water new plants.  But don't worry - Gene's tips are always clear and easy to follow.

Another question I've heard from new gardeners is what to do about roots that are surrounding the plant, as in the case of the ornamental kale here on the right.  If you stuck that in the ground without loosening all those roots (and removing some, too), the roots would just stay there and not grow at all.   So listen up and learn how to free the roots!  (Hint:  roughness is allowed.)

Gene will be giving his talk twice:  11:00 at the Davidsonville store and 2:00 at the Severna Park store.  $5.

Learn more about Gene here.





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