When people think of decorating with plants for the holidays, they usually think of poinsettias. While the traditional holiday plant is perfect for adding splashes of color everywhere in your home, there are plenty of other beautiful winter blooms that can decorate your home with fragrant blossoms. The staff at Homestead Gardens has some favorites to share with you!


Standing tall with large blooms in many colors, these potted plants will be ready to bloom just in time for Christmas. They'll certainly make a statement over the mantel or in the entryway, welcoming friends and family into your home.

Christmas Cactus

An easy-to-grow plant that blooms during the winter months, this cactus will brighten your home throughout the holiday season. Varieties come in red, white, pink, yellow, salmon and magenta, and they can be hung from the ceiling for a cascading waterfall of blooms.

Shooting Star Hydrangea

With star-shaped pedals that appear to be shooting out of the blooms, this newest variety of hydrangea at Homestead Gardens will bring plenty of excitement and energy to your home for the holidays. Another great feature is the flowers last a long time, so your family can enjoy the blooms throughout the entire holiday season.

Rosemary and Lavender Trees

People often think of rosemary and lavender as merely herbs that add delicious flavor to pasta sauces and other meals. But in reality, rosemary and lavender can be used as a fragrant decoration during the winter months. We have pruned rosemary and lavender trees perfect for decorating a small space in your house like a corner table or a window sill.

Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum)

Traditionally you'll see these beautiful white flowers in a cut arrangement, but now you can enjoy them much longer with the potted plants available at Homestead Gardens. The star-shaped flowers will add some nice contrast in texture and color to your Christmas tree in the living room.

If you thought pine and poinsettias were the only options for decorating your home during the holidays with living plants, consider these options and others you'll find at Homestead Gardens. Shop soon, as they're ready to bloom now and you don't want to miss out on the colors!

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