large red poinsettiaPoinsettias are one of the most popular plants during the holiday season. And with so many options from which to choose, it’s no wonder these colorful beauties are perfect for holiday gift giving. From different varieties to different hues, you’re sure to find a poinsettia that suits your needs.

At Homestead Gardens we have a vibrant array of poinsettias from which you can choose. The 2016 Premium Poinsettia Collection includes over 15 different varieties in various pot sizes. Grown locally in Davidsonville, the poinsettias in our Premium Collection boast optimum color for your winter celebrations.

Novelty Poinsettias

In addition to the more traditional varieties - red, white, pink and marble, Homestead Gardens carries many novelty selections. Some of the varieties we carry include Autumn Leaves, Christmas Eve Red/Wintersun White, Orange Spice, Red Glitter, Jingle Bell Rock, Tapestry, Ruby Frost, Ice Punch and Premium Ice Crystal. If you’re looking for a new spin on this classic plant, try one of Homestead Gardens’ new varieties. These include Envy, Luv U Light Pink and Peppermint Ruffles.

Most of our poinsettias are available in multiple pot sizes including 4.5”, 7” and 10”. Mini pots, poinsettia trees, hanging baskets and tabletop pans are also available in select varieties.

Gift Poinsettias

Poinsettias make wonderful holiday gifts during the giving season. Since they’re so well-loved, they sell out fast. Make sure to get yours before they’re gone!

assorted poinsettia varieties


Poinsettia Care

Poinsettias prefer a semi-cool and humid location with bright, indirect light. Cold drafts or a cold window can cause damage to their leaves.

Poinsettia plants should be watered thoroughly and the soil kept moist, but be sure not to let them sit in water-filled saucers, or they can suffer from root rot.


Premium Poinsettia Collection

All poinsettias in our Premium Poinsettia Collection are locally grown right here in Davidsonville, Maryland. This means fresh plants arrive daily to our retail greenhouses. In addition to traditional favorites in red and white our selection includes premium varieties like Red Glitter, Envy, Peppermint Ruffles, Tapestry and many more.


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