The local food movement is sweeping the nation. Support for Farmer’s Markets and Community Supported Agriculture have reconnected people with their food and their farmers. Many have been inspired to take the next step and start growing their own food.

Backyard vegetable gardens and containers full of vegetables have been popping up in cities and suburbia alike. But what if your back yard or side yard is too small or too shady? Most of these homes have ample space and sun in the front yard to grow even the most sun loving of vegetables.

Front Yard Veggies

Jane Cox is one of the new army of gardeners who no longer feel it taboo to plant vegetables in the front yard. Jane said that she belonged to a CSA and while she enjoyed it, she often got things that her twin boys, Daniel and Jonah would not eat. Jane says,

“I was tired of replacing plants that failed to thrive in my front yard. I wanted to grow vegetables the boys would eat and give them the experience of digging in the soil and connecting with their food.”

Planting is Fun

Jane may have started with a larger garden than I would recommend for most beginners. But she and the twins had a grand time picking out the plants and putting them in the ground. And it looks great! No need to banish it to the back yard.

We will check in on Daniel, Jonah and their mom from time to time to see how their strawberries, broccoli and lettuces are doing.

[caption id="attachment_22982" align="aligncenter" width="3888"] Jane gives Daniel a hand

Jonah plants strawberries[/caption]

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