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In Second Shift - Cool-Weather Planting, Charlotte Kidd tells about her summer plants giving their last effort as she readies for cooler temperatures and bright blue skies in the mid-Atlantic. When you read Charlotte's post, you'll agree about the Asian Tiger mosquitos.

IF you have found any remedies for these ruthless insects, please do let us know! 

Fall Plantings  




I stopped in to Homestead to gather information about fall vegetable plantings and pass the selection on to you. Here is the list of Homestead Grown produce but just know that it may not all be available at once. The plants come in as they are ready from the Homestead greenhouses. 



Gourmet Greens-Mustard, Red Giant, Tatsoi, Mizunz 

Lettuces-Buttercrunch, Romaine, Mesclun Mix, Red Sails, Simpson Elite















Cauliflower-Snow Crown 

Cabbage-Savoy, Red Delight, Dynamo 




Swiss Chard-Bright Lights 

Turnips-Tokyo Cross 












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