Varied and vivacious, vines are a wonderful addition to garden spaces. But before you add them to your landscape, you should do a little research to ensure your projects turn out beautifully.

There are many different types of vines. Understanding variations will help you select the appropriate plant for your needs.

morning glory vineTwiners 

A common type of vine, twiners have flexible stems that twist around a support such as an arbor or pergola. If you have the right support, twiners will enhance the visual aesthetic of your yard and provide plenty of shade. Morning glory and wisteria are twiners.

Root Attachment Vines

If you've ever seen a brick house covered in vines, it's likely a variety that attaches via the root system. These strong vines can attach to numerous surfaces such as walls, posts and brick. English ivy is a well-known example.


With stems that wrap around a support, tendrils often grow on posts, fences or trees. Sweet pea vine is a popular tendril variety. You've probably seen tendrils in your garden if you've planted peas or beans, as they use tendrils to climb.


Some vines have no support structure at all, but with a little human-implemented support they can thrive. Leaners can be tied or woven into a structure such as a wall, fence or roof for a custom look. Climbing roses are a well-known leaner.

sweet potato vine in containerAnnual vs. Perennial

For permanent structures, choose a variety that will come back year after year. If you think you'll move your structure, go for an annual. Some great choices include:


  • Sweet potato vine
  • Variegated vinca vine


  • Clematis
  • Climbing hydrangea (hydrangea petiolaris)
  • Kiwi vine (Actinidia kolomikta)
  • Climbing roses ("New Dawn," "Ramblin' Red," "Winners Circle")

Vines offer splashes of color, provide shade and shelter, make use of tricky vertical space and can serve as ground cover to eliminate erosion. These varied plants will help enhance your garden if you use the right ones for your location and needs. To ensure you select the right variety, speak with a Homestead Gardens expert today.

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