I don't know about you, but around about now I'm needing a fix of color, and maybe some lush foliage.  Of course I could schlep to the nearest botanic garden but what's even easier and closer is my trusty computer, where there are hundreds of garden blogs to peruse - many of them written from frost-free Southern California and Florida.   But what's even more fun is visiting climates that aren't just warm in January but whose gardening year is upside down from us.

First Stop, Australia

So let's start our adventures in worldwide gardening by visiting the most popular Australian garden blogger in the world - Stuart Robinson - because he's also pulled together blogs from around the world on his worldwide directory "Blotanical". There you'll find a thriving community of writers and commenters, and even yearly awards for blogs in a zillion categories (My blog once won "Best Organic Gardening Blog.)  And coming up soon we'll all be following Stuart as he and his family of six embark on a six-month trip around the continent - just the kind of serious traveling they do Down Under.   Stuart's located in the far west of Australia, so before moving on, let's stop by the Frog Garden in Brisbane along the country's famous Gold Coast in the east.  Surf's up, Mate!


But Australia may not be exotic enough for you, so let's see what else we can find.   The blog i earth i echo, written by a 22-year-old medical student in Pakistan, really caught my eye.  Gardening in Pakistan?  Yep, also in Libya, where we find Cactus Libya. It's not in English but offers plenty of eye candy even without the text.  Proceeding to Southeast Asia, don't miss  Singapore Plants Lover- now that's a place I can totally imagine a lush tropical garden.

By now I know you won't be surprised to learn there are garden bloggers in Africa, especially in South Africa, like this one in Johannesburg. It isn't just about gardening, but still worth a look. Altogether there are 10  African garden blogs listed on the Blotanical directory.

Caribbean Islands and South America
Heading back toward home, there are lots more tropical gardens waiting for us to explore - like A Caribbean Garden in Trinidad & Tobago.   Or in Barbados there's My Rustic Bajan Garden.  From Honduras comes La Gingra's Blogacito (Love the name!) And there are 10 Latin American blogs listed here.  

The Frozen North
Or if what perks you up on a winter day is visiting people whose winters are much worse than ours, I suggest visiting the  Alberta Gardener where hoop houses are taken very seriously. Gardening Zone 3B is worth a visit.   Or for a humorous take on a bad climate, check out Life in Cowtown, which is subtitled "Because SOMEBODY has to live there."  I love it!

Still More Garden Blogs
With more snowstorms on the way, you might appreciate another directory to peruse, this one by by state and country.   Happy Travels!

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