Visit the Arboretum

Got out-of-town visitors?  Then do them and yourself a favor and take them to the National Arboretum, the least-known gardening treasure in the Mid-Atlantic.   And right now is the very best time to visit, when the Arboretum's incredible azalea collection is in flower, an event that's expected to peak early this year, between now and the end of April.

Because the azaleas are so popular, the best time to schedule a visit is on a weekday.  If weekends are your only option, a stroll through the garden before noon or during a light rain offers an enviable second choice.  Or reserve a spot on the tram -  schedule and info.


Learn more about the Azalea Collection here. For more in-depth information on growing and caring for rhododendrons or azaleas, check out the FAQ pages here. Visit the Azalea Photo Gallery where you will find over 200 images of the flowers of more than 100 of the Glenn Dale azalea varieties.



In addition to azaleas, there's lots more to see on the 412 acres of the Arboretum, as evidenced in these shots I took two days ago.

















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