Blooms in August

My old garden's looking pretty tired right about now, and it definitely doesn't have enough color - besides green.  So now's the perfect time for me to look around the  neighborhood, local public gardens, and of course the selections at Homestead to see what's blooming NOW that could give my garden the added oomph it so badly needs.


So first, what's blooming at Homestead's Davidsonville location includes all sorts of Echinaceas, like 'Sundown' variety massed to great effect in the photo above.  I love Echinacea for its long bloom, drought tolerance, and simple gorgeousness.  Oh, and there's more - they're native and great at attracting goldfinch.   I do have a few Echinacea (purple coneflower) but my garden needs MORE. (They're now 30 percent off.)

Another August bloomer I'm lusting after is Coreopsis, and this is just one of several varieties available (all are also 30 percent off).  Another native plant that's super-drought-tolerant with long-lasting blooms.

Other things blooming right now in the Perennials Department are Caryopteris, Sedum, Russian Sage, Gaillardia, many of the ornamental grasses, and Rudbeckias are still putting out flowers.

Above, this crape myrtle on my street is all the color that's needed in this tiny front yard, and the blooms last soooo long.

The other dramatic front-yard show on my street is this hedge of Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva'.

Above left is one of my favorite combinations of plants that bloom together - Plumbago and Butterfly Bush.  On the right is a curious plant I picked up at a local plant exchange - the Maryland Senna. 

Finally, August is a good time to appreciate annuals - like the floral display above with poodle, and the foliage-only ones below on my front porch.   These sun-tolerant coleus have gotten HUGE.

There are more ideas for plants that bloom in August online, thanks to these nearby public gardens:

Blooming in August in Colonial Williamsburg.

Blooming in August at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (in Richmond, VA).

Blooming in August at the National Arboretum.

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