Watch and Count Birds

Here's a fun winter activity - watching birds with a purpose, through Project FeederWatch.   It's the annual study conducted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, now in its 25th year, involving over 15,000 amateur and seasoned birders who count birds at their feeders as often as once a week and send their observations to the scientists at Cornell.

Your reports will help researchers better understand population trends and movements of your favorite backyard birds. See the results for yourself in Winter Bird Highlights, a summary of the 2009-10 season that includes Regional Round-ups of birds most sighted, tips on attracting birds naturally, and lots more.

Social Networking

But there's more to the project than watching and reporting - there's social networking!  Find out the latest bird news on their Facebook page ("like" Project FeederWatch) or follow them on Twitter @FeederWatch.  And of course they have a blog - check it out for the latest project updates and to interact with other FeederWatchers.   They're all kid-friendly and kid-safe places on the web.

Project FeederWatch runs from November through April.  Join at any time at or by calling 800-843-2473.



Oh, and check out our own Gene Sumi's tips about bird feeders.

Photo credits:  Chickadee,   WoodpeckerTitmouse,   Junko,   Cardinals,   Mourning Dove.

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