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Annapolis teacher, writer and blogger Loris Nebbia recently posted a wonderful blog story, simply called ”A Christmas Tradition”, and we swear we’d love it even if it didn’t involve Homestead’s Christmas show.  But it does and hearing reading about how much fun she and her husband have every year bringing their grandchildren to see the trains, trees and other dazzling hoopla just makes us happy.

The Story

In the blog story we learn that granddaughter Clare preferred the tiny skaters playing hockey on the little pond to our big train set, and that “”Best of all Clare, liked the oversized lights and Christmas balls and the totally cool aquarium made from the brightest materials with neon colored fish. ”   We love it~!

Loris is author of the very locally based novel Solomon’s Puzzle, and her blog Eight Hands Around covers gardening, and much more.

Posted by Susan Harris

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