The White House opened its grounds this past weekend for thousands of visitors to its famous gardens, and your intrepid blogger was there!   I can't believe I'd never taken the tour before, actually.   It turned out to be  a lot easier than I'd feared, with no line at all when I arrived nice and early.   And as you can see, cameras were allowed - which isn't always the case and what a bummer it would be to not be able to share the grandeur and total gorgeousness.  Okay, enough gushing; let's get to some photos.



First, how about those Homestead mums?  Yes, mum-filled trucks were sighted leaving Homestead and headed for the White House in late September, and apparently that happens every fall.   Below are more mums in the Children's Garden, nicely paired with salvias.







Below, where there used to be bedding annuals and spring bulbs, I noticed Knockout roses.  They're a good choice for reducing maintenance while still providing color from May through October, and often into November.



Below, the famous Kitchen Garden looked healthy and still productive.  And notice the cool weather station - I want one!





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