Did you know that any homeowner is able to grow flowers and vegetables, even without access to a yard or garden space? That's right, thanks to container gardening, it is incredibly easy for people to grow vegetables and flowers on decks, driveways, patios and even inside a room that gets good sunlight.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you want to set up a container garden. Here is a bit of advice from the staff at Homestead Gardens:

1. Size of Container

If you're planning to grow small plants like herbs or pansies, smaller containers will work fine. If you want to grow tomatoes and green peppers, though, you'll want to find much larger containers to help support the plant. You may also want to find a way to support these plants in the container. Round wire cages work well. Find pots that have drainage holes. Self-watering containers are also available, and these are great if you plan to grow tomatoes, as they need a lot of water. These containers have an extra space at the bottom under the dirt and rootball where water is stored. The dirt and roots will draw water up from this reservoir when needed. You will find you'll need to water your container gardens more frequently than traditional gardens.

2. Location of Containers

You can put flower and vegetable containers almost anywhere, but the prime locations will offer good sunlight and exposure to plenty of rainfall. It's often a good idea to keep herb container gardens close to the kitchen for easy access to the fresh ingredients.

3. Feeding and Weeding

You'll want to fertilize your garden throughout the summer. The best time to do this is when watering the plants. Review the instructions on the fertilizer package as to how much fertilizer to use for your container garden. One of the best things about container gardening is that it reduces the weeds that will grow. If you use quality potting soil to fill your containers and you don't place your containers under trees that drop seed pods during the spring and summer months, you will have minimal weeding to do all summer long.

As a final benefit, you can use your containers to decorate around your house. Arrange your containers in a beautiful setting on your back porch and plant them in a decorative way for an artistic look.

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