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The information below is so important during National Pollinator Week, I had to share it directly with you. On our blog Wednesday, Susan Harris shared the lowdown on what our state is doing for this critical campaign for our bees and how we, as gardeners can help. Below you'll see the crusade of Burt's Bees to not only premiere  charming documentaries on bees but also inspire you with recipes from "bee-critical" food. If that sounds odd, check out the explanation and great dishes below.

This June, Burt’s Bees will premiere BURT TALKS TO THE BEES, a wonderfully fantastical and wildly educational series of three short films created by Isabella Rossellini, actor, director and uncanny Burt impersonator. You will meet the bees--the queen, the workers and the drones—so we can all become familiar and sympathetic to their plight.

Imagine a world without guacamole. Or blueberry pie. Or lemonade. Or French fries. Imagine (if you dare) a world without coffee. Not a pretty picture. But it's what the world would be like without bees and other pollinators.

A third of what we eat is made possible by bees. Oranges, chocolate, artichokes, apples, carrots, tomatoes, cashews, garlic, and cherries are just a few foods that rely upon pollination to grow and reproduce. Plants need bees, bees need plants, we need bees—and now, with their numbers dwindling, the bees need us.

As part of our Wild for Bees initiative, Burt's Bees is introducing Wild Eats: a gastronomical celebration of our industrious, indispensible insect friends, without which our favorite meals would simply not be possible.

No one knows food better than chefs. And no one knows bees better than beekeepers. So who better to represent Wild Eats than beekeeping chefs? That's why we collaborated with the InterContinental® Hotels of New York City and Boston, whose rooftop apiaries inspired our partner chefs to create delicious, bee-friendly recipes for Pollinator Week and every week thereafter.

Celebrate bees and the abundance they bring with a picnic or a potluck in their honor. Eating good food is easy, but not without bees.


Photography by BATTMAN


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