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This year Homestead Gardens is offering 26 winter workshops!  Sign up for three workshops by December 31 and the fourth one is free.  (Discount applies only to workshops with a $5 fee. Just mention this special to Customer Service when signing up.)

Gene’s Tips: Gardening Tools ($5)
Saturday, January 23 at 10am
Homestead Gardens Education Coordinator Gene Sumi shows you his picks for the top garden tools to maintain a great garden.

Composting ($5)
Saturday, January 23 at 12pm
Dr. Frank Gouin, one of the foremost authorities on composting, will take you through the simple process of transforming your kitchen scraps and yard waste into “black gold.”

Planting for Wildlife ($5)
Saturday, January 23 at 2pm
Master Gardener Lisa Winters shows you how to bring nature home by selecting the right plants for your backyard.

Cool Weather Vegetables ($5)
Sunday, January 24 at 12pm
Annuals Manager Kerry Kelley introduces you to great cool weather crops including fresh green, snap peas & cauliflower.

Cold Weather Containers ($5)
Sunday, January 24 at 2pm
We show you how to plant a stunning container that will add pizzazz to even the bleakest winter landscape.

Gene’s Tips: Common Problems & Pests ($5)
Saturday, January 30 at 10am
Gene Sumi teaches how to learn from other gardeners’ mistakes to catch disease and pests before they become a problem.

Caring for Fruit Trees & Ornamentals ($5)
Saturday, January 30 at 12pm
As the mainstay of your garden, prudent tree care is a must. We take you through the basics of maintaining their health.

Styling your Bonsai ($5)
Saturday, January 30 at 2pm
Learn how to tell a story through stylizing your bonsai tree from Martha Meehan, owner of Martha’s Minatures.

Herb Wreath ($30)
Sunday, January 31 at 12pm & 2pm
Learn to create a beautiful and functional herb wreath that will look stunning in any kitchen. Made with fresh herbs, you will take it home to dry. Bring your scissors.

Gene’s tips: Pruning 101 ($5)
Saturday, February 6 at 10am
Gene Sumi provides an informative demonstration on when and how to prune. Dress warmly as this workshop is outside.

Orchids for Beginners ($35)
Saturday, February 6 at 12pm
Orchid expert Dr. Clark Riley shares his insights into raising & nurturing these graceful flowers. Includes a take-home orchid.

Orchids for Fanatics ($35)
Saturday, February 6 at 2pm
Feed your orchid addiction with this seminar from Dr. Riley that will educate both collectors & fanatics. Includes a take-home orchid.

Herbs for Healthy Living ($5)
Sunday, February 7 at 12pm
Annuals Manager Kerry Kelley shows how organic herbs can be used in cooking & to soothe the soul through aromatherapy.

Winter Birding ($5)
Sunday, February 7 at 2pm
Andy Brown of the Battle Creek Cypress Swamp Sanctuary in Calvert County shares his extensive birding knowledge.

Gene’s Tips: Starting from Seed ($5)
Saturday, February 13 at 10am
Gene Sumi shows you the tools and tricks of the trade to make starting plants from seed at home easy & educational.

Plants for Polinators ($5)
Saturday, February 13 at 12pm
Lisa Winters helps you to attract bees to your yard with the plants that they crave to help pollinate your garden.

Starting a Water Garden ($5)
Saturday, February 13 at 2pm
Watergardening specialist Dave Kemon takes you through a collection of pumps, containers & vegetation to find the right fit.

Root Vegetables ($5)
Sunday, February 14 at 12pm
Perennials Manager Betsy Winters introduces her favorite root vegetables including carrots, potatoes & ginger, just to name a few.

Gene’s Tips: Gardening with Organics ($5)
Saturday, February 20 at 10am
Gene Sumi advises the best way to achieve great results in the garden without the use of chemicals.

Practical & Creative Uses for Groundcover ($5)
Saturday, February 20 at 12pm
Shake things up in your yard with some great groundcovers from our super popular Stepables® line.

Yoga: Back Care for the Avid Gardener ($15)
Saturday, February 20 at 2pm
Learn practical strengthening & stretching poses to generate a strong, dependable back for your gardening endeavors. Wear comfortable clothes & bring a yoga mat.

Spring Bulbs ($5)
Sunday, February 21 at 12pm
Betsy Winters explains bulb care so that you are ready to embrace spring with beautiful pops of color.

Flower Arranging 101 ($5)
Sunday, February 21 at 2pm
Our floral design experts show you how to add the finishing touch to your home or event by creating your own fresh floral décor with easy-to-find supplies.

How to Make a Hypertufa Planter ($45)
Saturday, February 27 at 10am & 2pm
Build fascinating, stonelike containers that look hundreds of years old in a style reminscent of a Victorian garden.

Spring-Blooming Trees & Shrubs ($5)
Sunday, February 28 at 12pm
Lisa Winters shows the prettiest spring blooming trees & shrubs and the best way to incorporate them into your landscape.

Opening & Maintaining Your Pond ($5)
Sunday, February 28 at 2pm
Watergardening specialist David Kemon will answer all of your questions to help you to get your pond ready for spring.

Posted by Susan Harris

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