Be Inspired Seasonally with Rita Calvert

  • Over the River 
  • Wise Old Owl 
  • Christmas at the Cabin 

Our walk continues as we cross the river and meet the friendly welcoming critters  on the way to the cozy cabin.

Fantasy large plush bears, racoons, owls, bunnies and even warm fuzzy skunks...all are curious to see us along the route. 



The Forest

Scents of the season make our walk even more festive!

IMG_7132As critters snuggle on the cozy "throw"/lap blanket, a baby reindeer peaks out from her lair while her siblings peek out from the decorated tree. 

IMG_7269 As we approach the cabin, magical trees of all kind show off their spendor-natural earthy flowers, pine cones and berry ornaments.


Wise Old Owls

Our favorite owls of all shapes and sizes guide our way. (The little tykes are especially mesmerized by these raptors). Check out the funny/cute person-sounding owl by clicking on the colored highlight!


 The WIse Old Owl perched on the window sill quips, "Merrily, Merrily, Merrily...Life is but a Dream".,



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