Hey gardeners - frustrated, house-bound, January gardeners - it's time for our Winter Workshops!  They'll inspire you to make your garden better than ever this year!  All indoors and cozy.



This first one, about design opportunities along paths, driveways, property lines and more, is rarely taught.  And why that's so, I can't imagine because even sidewalk gardens can be to-die-for!  And pathways through gardens are perfect for embellishment along the way.   Here are some photos to illustrate the concept, but to find out what design and plant tips will be taught this Saturday, I'll be there.



Cross the Border: $5. Saturday, January 28th. 11am – Davidsonville; 2pm – Severna Park

Sidewalks, pathways, driveways, property lines…there are so many opportunities for creating living borders that add flair and definition to your yard. Whether to highlight a beautiful flagstone walkway, or to contain a meandering garden, we have easy and beautiful solutions.



Next, designer/researcher Lincoln Smith wow'ed the Silver Spring Garden Club recently with this talk, so don't miss this opportunity!

Forest Gardens: Productive Ecosystems: $5Saturday, January 28th. 2pm - Davidsonville

A forest garden can produce all kinds of foods including perennial herbs, vegetables, fruits and nuts. And they produce all these things while doing some incredible things for the ecosystem.  Researcher, Lincoln Smith, will explore this fascinating world with you.

When it comes to pruning, nobody knows how to do it AND teach it like our Gene Sumi.  (One Master Gardener who heard Gene give this talk at the Takoma Horticultural Club told me she'd never heard it explained so well before.  She's now an avid and confident pruner!)

Gardening Done Right: Pruning: $5. Sunday, January 29th.  11am – Davidsonville;  2pm – Severna Park
Pruning is an intimidating garden chore and most folks are afraid to do it themselves. But you can relax a bit…it’s not as tricky as you think, but it is important that it is done correctly. Homestead Gardens’ Gene Sumi will share the tricks of the trade.

Finally, ferns are super-sustainable plants, with many native ones to choose from, but they're underused.   This talk will help you add ferns to your garden.



Ferns…Your Best Fronds: $5. Sunday, January 29th. 11am – Severna Park;  2pm - Davidsonville
Ferns are not flashy and don’t get the credit that they deserve. They bring grace and serenity to those shady areas and tolerate conditions that most plants won’t. Explore the best way to use ferns to get maximum impact in the landscape, including the use of some unique varieties.

Photo credits: narrow driveway garden, hydrangea-lined path, pawpaw, ferns and curb-side garden.

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