Bulbs to Plant

Just as we're being cheered by the first daffodils of spring, designer/writer Joel Lerner's column turns us on with visions of bulbs we plant in the spring for a really big show by summertime.  Defining "bulb" loosely, the way most of us really do, Lerner suggests this parade of plants that we can start planting soon - after May 1 in this region for most of them.

Chinese ground orchid, blackberry lily, canna lily, elephant ear, lily of the valley, crocosmia, hardy cyclamen, dahlia, summer hyacinth, gladiolus, day lily, iris and true lilies.

First reaction: Wow!  That's a lot of bulb-planting for anytime but fall.

Second reaction:  Out of the whole bunch, I've grown exactly TWO of them - elephant ears and the super-common day lily.   Omigod, how unimaginative a gardener AM I?  And what the heck is a blackberry lily?

Third reaction:    Okay, where can I cram a few of them into my borders?  I'm conjuring up visions of those hot crocosmia blooms, some summer hyacinths and a big dramatic canna as a focal point to die for.

So How Many of These Do You Grow?

I bet you can beat my measly two out of 13.

Photo credits:  Crocosmia, Summer hyacinth, Canna lily and Elephant ear.

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